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 ====== Research ====== ====== Research ======
 +===== Collaborative Projects =====
 +Centre members are taking part in research projects funded by the //Croatian Science Foundation//​ and hosted by the //Institute of Philosophy//,​ Zagreb.
 <​list-group>​ <​list-group>​
-  *[[http://​logiccom.projekti.ifzg.hr|Logic,​ Concepts, and Communication]] ​// Berislav Žarnić, Gabriela Bašić +  *[[http://​logiccom.projekti.ifzg.hr|Logic,​ Concepts, and Communication]] ​\\ Participating Centre members: ​Berislav Žarnić, Gabriela Bašić ​
-  *[[http://​freewill.projekti.ifzg.hr/​|Free Will, Causality and Luck]] // Dario Škarica, Ljudevit Hanžek+
 </​list-group>​ </​list-group>​
 +  *[[http://​freewill.projekti.ifzg.hr/​|Free Will, Causality and Luck]] \\ Participating Centre members: Dario Škarica, Ljudevit Hanžek
 +===== Individual Research =====
 +The Centre members are continuously engaged ​ in individual research within their area of expertise.